About Us


After years and years of dedication to the safety shoe industry, Jay, founder of Safetoe, asked himself a question that led to the creation of Safetoe & Safeyear. "Why can’t all workers enjoy safety & comfort easily?"

Jay has visited more than 40 countries and directly communicated with safety shoe users there. The reality he saw stimulated and touched him deeply. He found that many workers were doing laborious work for limited incomes and were not well protected at work. Many of them suffered from chronic foot diseases or injuries on their feet due to long-term heavy physical labor and long-standing activities.

We deeply understand the sweat and toil of these workers. What the Safetoe & Safeyear brands most want and are doing is offering affordable, comfortable, and high-quality safety shoes and relevant safety products to hard-working people and also bringing safety, health, and happiness to them.



We believe that empowering workers and protecting their safety and health are our responsibilities. We see bringing every working individual comprehensive protection as a sense of mission. Our commitments are top quality, amazing comfort, and creative design.



Here at Safetoe, everything we do is for our community. Every year, we donate Safetoe safety work boots to those in need to help them live better. In our minds, we envision ourselves not only as a safety shoe company but also with a greater sense of social responsibility.